5 Energizing Teas to Jumpstart Your Morning!

5 Energizing Teas to Jumpstart Your Morning

I don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t need a little help starting their day. (And if there is, can you give me your secrets PLEASE?) A lot of people rely on coffee, some rely on 10 hours of sleep. If you can’t have either of those options, or are trying to cut down on your coffee intake, tea may be your answer! There are tons of energizing teas out there to choose from, and making tea can still be a special part of your morning ritual in the same way that making coffee can be.

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Why I’m Avoiding Forever 21 and H&M This Year

Shopping in a mall

I am not a new year resolution kind of person, but this year I’m making an exception. I’m not going to buy anything from Forever 21, H&M, or any other “fast fashion” stores for one year.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would anyone want to avoid the wonderful, cheap, trendy goodness that is F21 and H&M??” Believe me, it was not an easy resolution to make. But after I started reading about fast fashion, I had to try it.

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8 Self-Care Habits to Improve Your Life

Self-care is important at all times of year, but with the start of the new year there’s a sense of rejuvenation and improvement. I wanted to put together some of the things that I do that can help you relax, help your outlook on life, help you feel put together, or even just help to serve as a reminder that the world isn’t completely terrible. So read through the list below and jot down some ideas for your own use!

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6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

6 ways to save money on groceries, plus a free printable meal planner!

Ready to save money on groceries?

So I have a confession. I love love love shopping. But at the same time, I’m very frugal and hate spending more than I need to. As the self-proclaimed “Deal Queen”, I’m always looking for new (and easy) ways that I can save money on the things I buy all the time–groceries. Plus, keep reading to get the FREE printable meal planner! Here are some of the things I’ve learned from shopping over the years:

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How to Get eBooks for Free (Legally!)

An e-reader sitting with coffee and glasses

Free eBooks?

My mom has taught me more than I can ever list, but it seems like all the most important lessons she has taught me are about saving money. She’s a huge reader, and when she got her first e-reader, she naturally turned to her favorite place to get books–the library. What you may not know is that your local library probably has a method of checking out ebooks directly from your device, whether it be a kindle, nook, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or even your desktop or laptop. Even smaller cities are partnering with apps like Overdrive to offer digital borrowing to their patrons. Read more